Yoga. Movement. Healing.

About Inner Space

Welcome to Inner Space ~ a forum for movement based education and rehabilitative healing including Yoga, Somatic practices, and Manual Therapy. Inner Space is founded by myself, Lesley Anne Smith, as a means to offer a creative and sincere approach to embodiment, embedded in the ancient teachings of yoga and natural law, yet practically integrated through the understanding of anatomy, physiology and mechanics.

I am committed to healing. Healing ourselves, our earth, and our relationships to one another. For me, Yoga and movement have been necessary tools for looking at the space within, developing a relationship with it, and to live life from the inside out. We are always our own teachers, though we need the tools to know ourselves first. I believe that when we can learn to trust our own bodies, and the innate healing capacity we hold within ourselves, then we can start to change the ways we see and live in the world.

Manual Therapy with me is guided by a structure determines function philosophy, and is a gentle non-invasive approach to rehabilitative healing. All my practices are complimentary to one another yet stand apart. They are each founded upon years of in depth study of yoga philosophy and asana, movement and dance, human anatomy, physiology and an alternative approach to understanding the body's innate healing processes.